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The term "MediaVejviseren" is best translated to "The Media Guide". It is an index of media websites, in fact the largest and most accurate Danish one.

The site started as a non-public list in 1998. It was launched to the public in 1999, and it is almost entirely in Danish. Inclusion as well as use is free.


The sites in the index are found, evaluated, and selected. Sites are not submitted, no fee is charged, and you cannot pay to be included - but you may still suggest a site. The guiding principles are relevancy, quality and relative importance to the user base (ie. professionals in the media industry).

Here, it is not possible to submit a site, it is not possible to pay for inclusion, and it is not possible to influence category placement, link text, or site description. Some categories have strict rules for inclusion.

Also, once your site is included, we will not tell you so. When you are listed: if your topic or site content changes your site listing will be edited at the next review cycle, and your site may even be removed from the index. Just like that. We don't tell you that, or when, or why, either.

Still, feel free to suggest a site, anytime.

If you find an error: write us a message, and we will correct it asap (see "Contact" section below).


  • It is free because a price for inclusion might hold important sites back.
  • Also, free inclusion makes it possible for us to delete any site any time if it does no longer meet our standards.
  • And, free inclusion allows us to decide which sites we want and which we don't want.
  • It is impossible to submit a site because we know better than you which sites we need.
  • We don't notify anyone about changes, because our time is better spent updating the site.

At the end of the day it makes a better site. It's as simple as that, really.


Please use the form on the Contact Page. Although the page text is in Danish we welcome English messages.


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